The physical data of pyrene
The extraction method of Thiophene

What is Thiophene

Thiophene (thiophene), System name 1-Sulphur Miscellaneous-2, 4-cyclopentadienyl, CAS 110-02-1. From a structural perspective, thiophene is a heterocyclic compound and a sulfur ether. Molecular c4h4s, molecular weight 84.14. Melting Point-38 ℃, boiling 84 ℃, density 1.051g/cm3.

At room temperature, thiophene is a colorless, smelly, tear-capable liquid. Thiophene is naturally present in petroleum and can be as high as a few percent. Industrially, for the denaturation of ethyl alcohol. Like Furan, Thiophene is aromatic. A pair of 2 pairs of solitary electrons is conjugated with 2 double bonds, which form the π bond in the field. The aromatic property of thiophene is only slightly weaker than that of benzene.

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