Thiophene Synthesis method
Basic introduction of Furan

Use of Thiophene

Thiophene In many occasions can replace benzene, as the preparation of dyes and plastics raw materials, but because of the more lively nature, generally not as produced by benzene product quality. Thiophene can also be used as a solvent. New uses of thiophene-like heterocyclic compounds have been developed. Bell Labs recently discovered that thiophene polymerization can become a superconducting plastic, and low-cost, is expected to be widely used in quantum computers and superconducting electronic equipment and other fields. Changing the molecular structure of thiophene polymers to improve the superconducting temperature, can be made into a variety of superconducting plastic, applied to aviation, aerospace, military and other High-tech fields.

Thiophene can be used in the manufacture of dyes, pharmaceuticals and resins, the synthesis of new broad-spectrum antibiotic adm, for color film manufacturing and stunt photography, and the synthesis of complex reagents.

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