The physical data of pyrene

What is Pyrene
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The physical data of pyrene

1. Character: Single oblique prism or flake crystallization, pure colorless, containing and four benzene when yellow. The solid or solution has a micro-blue fluorescence.

2. Relative density (d234): 1.271

3. Melting Point (℃): 150.2

4. Boiling point (ºc): 4045. Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether. 6. Relative density (25 ℃, 4 ℃): 1.096150.2

7. Gas phase standard combustion heat (enthalpy) (KJ·MOL-1):-7951.0

8. Gas phase standard claims Heat (enthalpy) (KJ·MOL-1): 225.7

9. Gas phase standard entropy (j·mol-1· K-1): 402.26

10. Gas phase standard generation free energy (KJ·MOL-1): 328.0

11. Gas phase Standard Hot Melt (j·mol-1· K-1): 204.20

12. Crystal Phase Standard combustion heat (enthalpy) (KJ·MOL-1):-7875.77

13. Crystal Phase Standard claims Heat (enthalpy) (KJ·MOL-1): 125.49

14. Crystal Phase Standard entropy (j·mol-1· K-1): 224.89

15. Crystal Phase Standard generation free energy (KJ·MOL-1): 280.4

16. Crystal Phase Standard Hot Melt (j·mol-1· K-1): 234

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