The Hot Product 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6

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The Hot Product 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6

This article will introduce one of hot product recently 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6, which is also our  competitive product 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6.

 For 2-Bromotriphenylene, at our first production, the purity we can produce is above 98%,  and the technology is mature. But our customer demand is strict, they ask the 99% purity, it is a challenge for us, but finally after our R&D and improve our technology, we can supply the 99% purity, even more strict demands.

Now many customer send us the inquiry about the products, including domestic oled materials’ factory and trading company; outside oled materials’ trading company. According to the oled materials’ market, the oled material’s demands of 92-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6 is increasing,and we have rich experience in producing 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6,so here we want to introduce our this oled materials.

 Product Name: 2-Bromotriphenylene

 CAS:  19111-87-6


 Synonyms: 2-bromobenzo[9,10]phenanthrene; Triphenylene, 2-bromo-

 Appearance: off white powder

 Purity: 99% 98%

 Application: OLED Materials

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