The Golden Age Of OLED Television Has Arrived.

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The Golden Age Of OLED Television Has Arrived.

With the improvement of the upstream and downstream industry chain and the maturity of technology, OLED has become a new favorite among the major technology giants. In September 2017, Apple’s 10th anniversary edition of IPhone X, which is a global consumer chasing, was released. One of the most important reasons for the phone’s attention is the adoption of OLED screens.

At the last CES, there was not only the world’s first LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV but also the 65-inch UHD crimp television showed for the first time.

In addition, Panasonic unveiled FZ800 and FZ950 OLED TVS, which are available in the 65-inch UHD for the first time. SONY released its new A8F series of 4K OLED TVS at CES in 2018.

Of course, there are also domestic TV brands KangJia, which released three OLED art TV with Chinese ancient elements in one breath. In particular, the wallpaper TV, the flat voice and the 77-inch wireless separation OLED are also the technology stars of the KangJia exhibition platform. 

The OLED TV market is developing rapidly;

In the past few years, although many brands have promoted the OLED TV, the market penetration rate has been poor. 

It was not until 2017 that SONY issued the first OLED TV, and it started to change. SONY OLED dark field, color gamut, dynamic display effect of congenital advantage, fundamentally released the potential of OLED. Last year’s flagship product,  A1 OLED , also let consumers intuitively felt the differences of “future science and technology”. 

Once listed, it occupies more than 30% of the domestic OLED market, and it listed as the top sales amount of OLED TV.

OLED has inherent technological advantages:

In the scene, if bright and dark colors are arranged together, OLED sets can reduce light overflows, which can enhance contrast.Compared with conventional TV, OLED TV has a broader vision.

From SONY’s screen technology to LG’s wallpaper TV, to the technology brands such as Skyworth, consumers are seeing more of the traditional product and innovation experience.

OLED endured hardships and comes the good point;

Finally, in terms of sales performance, while the Chinese color TV market experienced the development of “roller coaster”, OLED TV set off a beautiful uplift line.According to the data, in 2017, the retail size of OLED TV is growing at a high rate every month, in October, it increased by 239% year on year.

At the same time, Mr D cloud network prediction, OLED TV will continue strong gains in 2018, The market sales of China alone is expected to grow 300%, considerably more than laser TV and QLED TV sales, become the biggest winner of the color television in the high-end consumer market.


In short, a golden age of OLED television has arrived.

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