Sharp Will Launch Production In OLED In Q1 2018

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Sharp Will Launch Production In OLED In Q1 2018

On 2018.01.16, Sharp’s CEO said that Sharp will begin producing OLED in Q1 2018 and will introduce its new OLED smartphones in June or July of 2018.

 Actually in October of 2016, Sharp announced that in Osaka and in the Mie Prefecture it will invest $570 million and build OLED pilot lines at its plants, and plan to begin pilot production in 2018 summer.

 From current situation, if Sharp begin the production by March end, it is quite ahead of schedule.

 During the big potential market prospect,our GG are speeding the new-factory’s construction, and will begin the MP in June 2018.

 Our advantage products: 1-BroModibenzofuran;2-Bromodibenzo[b,d]furan;3-Bromodibenzo[b,d]furan etc.

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