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Triphenyl(3-(4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)phenyl)silane 1391041-75-0
3-(triphenylsilyl)phenylboronic Acid 1253912-58-1
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Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7

Product Name: Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7
Synonyms: (3-Bromophenyl)triphenylsilane
CAS No.: 185626-73-7

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1) Production introduction of Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7

Product Name Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7
Synonyms (3-Bromophenyl)triphenylsilane
CAS No. 185626-73-7
Molecular Formula C24H19BrSi
Molecular Weight 415.4
Purity 99%
Application OLED Materials

Production Qualification of Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl-


A. We have rich experience in Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7

B. We have comprehensive quality management, we can ensure the product purity and quality.

C. Before we deliver the goods to customer, we will do the related test again to ensure the goods quality.

3) Package of Silane, (3-bromophenyl)triphenyl- 185626-73-7

Sample: aluminum foil bag, plastic bags inside.

Kg grade package: aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside.

20kg grade package: plastic bag inside, fiber drum outside.

Label: Company, Product name, CAS, Purity, Weight, Batch No.

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