OLED Ink-jet Printing Market Situation In Early 2018

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OLED Ink-jet Printing Market Situation In Early 2018

OLED emissive materials-the Ink-Jet printing is regarded as the best way to get lower-cost OLED TV production, it can make OLEDs become more competitive in in the medium part of the TV market.Ink-Jet printing is an effective and quick way (less material waste compared to evaporation). The main drawbacks of inkjet are the limited resolution and the need for soluble emissive materials which are less efficient compared to evaporation ones.

 Now at least four groups (in Korea, Japan and China) are solving the challenges,Ink-jet printer makers and soluble material suppliers are also optimistic ink-jet printing commercialization will soon be here as the material performance gap is diminishing.

  Beijing GreenGuardee–mainly supplies high purity OLED intermediates and solvent, including carbazole, anthracene, triphenylene, pyrene, aromatic amine, thiophene, furan, naphthalene,

fluorene, benzene series, etc.

Our Three advantage:

1) We are the one of the primary organic boronic acid mass production enterprises, specializing various kind of organic boronic acid.

2) Rich experience in the Catalytic coupling products.

3) Skilled in the high purity OLED Intermediates R&D and Production.

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