LGD’s Flexible OLED Displays Will Be Used In Mercedes In 2022

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LGD’s Flexible OLED Displays Will Be Used In Mercedes In 2022

In 2016 Mercedes signed an agreement with LG Display to supply its 12.3″ FHD flexible P-OLED displays for a future E-Class automobile.In 2018.01.15, it is reported that LGD is indeed jointly developing specific OLEDs for future Mercedes cars, and the plan is to launch these in 2022.

  LGD is already supply Mercedes with displays for its cars – but these are LCDs and not OLEDs (it also supplies these LCDs to other car makers, including Toyota, GM and Hyundai). LG Display is also supplying Mercedes with OLED lighting panels for its 2018 S-Class Coupe and Convertible.

 Our GG mainly supply various kinds of oled materials. for example 1-bromo-carbazole;4-bromo-carbazole;2-bromo-carbazole; 2-Bromo-dibenzothiophene, etc; They can all be used in making oled.

Product Name 2-Bromo-dibenzothiophene
Synonyms 2-broModibenzo[b,d]thiophene; Dibenzothiophene,2-bromo-
CAS No. 22439-61-8
Molecular Formula C12H7BrS
Molecular Weight 263.15
Appearance White powder
Density 1.611 g/cm3
Boiling point 387 ºC
Flash point 188 ºC
Melting point 250-252 ºC
Solubility Insoluble
Purity 99%
Application OLED Materials

A.We have rich experience in producing 2-bromo-dibenzothiophene, the capacity is


B. We have comprehensive quality management, we can ensure the product purity and quality.

C. Before we deliver the goods to customer, we will do the related test again to ensure the the goods quality.

Our GG believe that we can make a big success in the potential oled market.

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