LG Unveils Its 2018 OLED TV Lineup Pricing

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LG Unveils Its 2018 OLED TV Lineup Pricing

In January 2018, LG announced its 2018 OLED TV lineup, showed its TV design,including the size, definition,etc. Recently LG unveiled some of OLED TV pricing.

LG’s flagship 77″ Wallpaper OLEDW8 will cost $14,999.

The OLED-on-glass OLEDE8 65″ model will cost $4,499.

The OLED-on-glass 55″ model model will cost $3,499.

LG will also release a 65″ OLEDW8 this year, but it still did not say anything about the price yet. 

The basic OLEDC8 the 77″ model will cost $9,999.

The basic OLEDC8 the 65″ model will cost $3,999.

The basic OLEDC8 the 55″ model will cost $2,999. 

The OLEDB8,entry-level OLED TV,lG LG did not yet reveal the price, and maybe it will be shipped in


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