LG Display Is Also Developing Large-area Micro-LED TVs

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LG Display Is Also Developing Large-area Micro-LED TVs

In early 2018 Samsung unveiled its 146″ modular Wall Micro-LED TV, and LG Display was quick to announce that it is also developing similar technology. According to reports, LGD aims to unveil its first Micro-LED TV in September 2018 (at IFA perhaps?) – and it will be larger than Samsung’s.

Samsung 146-inch Wall Micro-LED TV

Samsung’s focus for the premium TV market is on two technologies, Quantum Dots and Micro-LEDs. It is not likely that LG Display is shifting its focus from OLEDs to Micro-LEDs, but it may be that Micro-LEDs will be used for very large area TVs and maybe for modular designs signage displays.

OLEDs can also be used to create modular displays. Mitsubishi’s Diamond Vision OLED use modular PMOLED panels to create very large displays, such as the in M3.84 x 2.3 meter one installed at Merck’s Material Research Center in Darmstadt, Germany and the six-meter Geo-Cosmos OLED globe at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan.

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