Is Xiaomi Developing A Transparent OLED Monitor In Collaboration With Samsung?

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Is Xiaomi Developing A Transparent OLED Monitor In Collaboration With Samsung?

Last month Xiaomi announced the world’s first “consumer” transparent OLED TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition that features a 55″ 120Hz 120Hz WOLED TV panel. The Mi TV Lux is now shipping in China for 49,999 yuan (around $7,200).

Xiaomi’s TV uses LG Display’s WOLED panels. But for smaller displays, it is reported that it reached out to Samsung Display. SDC has been developing transparent OLED technologies for many years.

In June 2015, Samsung Display unveiled its 55″ mirror and transparent OLED display panels and in early 2016, the Company started shipping such displays to early customers (the first such customer was a hair salon in Seoul) and to display partners such as Planar Systems and Eyevis. This was very exciting to many, but shortly after shipping started, Samsung decided to halt production.

Over the years SDC has been demonstrating smaller transparent OLEDs, mostly for the automotive market. In SID 2018 for example SDC showed a transparent 4.94″ 360×112 (76 PPI) AMOLED prototype that offers a transparency of 44%. But SDC has yet to release any commercial transparent display, and certainly not a 27-inch one as the report claims.

The transparent OLED market is certainly getting more interesting now – for more information on transparent OLEDs check out OLED-Info’s Transparent OLED Market Report, updated on July 2020.

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