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在OLED市场,中国的追赶正在加速。京东方、华星光电和天马对中小型OLED进行了积极投资。业界预计,到2024年,中国企业中小尺寸OLED产能(按面积计)将超过韩国企业。 用于电视的大尺寸 OLED 市场也并不平静。目前,LG Display 供应全球 99% 的产量,但随着中国厂商从 2024 年开始生产大尺寸 OLED,国内企业的市场份额势必会减少。 中国企业在提高产能的同时,也在抢走国内OLED技术人力。这是为了缩小与韩国企业的OLED技术差距。业内人士认为,韩国企业与中国企业的技术差距在两到三年左右,挖角关键人员的方法是缩小技术差距最有效的方法。中国企业通过提供2-3倍现有年薪的方式引进韩国OLED技术人才。业内人士认为,中国OLED核心劳动力中约有20%已经从韩国转移。 最后,专家一致认为,在没有政府全力支持的情况下,OLED市场被中国夺走只是时间问题。与半导体行业不同,显示行业的材料、零部件和设备的国产化率很高,只有政府积极支持才能守住,但目前支持量还不到半导体的一半。 汉阳大学融合电子工程学教授(韩国半导体显示技术学会会长)朴在根说:“现实情况是,中国企业在显示方面的追赶速度比在半导体方面要快政府的税收对生产设施进行投资的激励措施至关重要。” 来源:韩国朝鲜日报

2019 CPHI Shanghai, Beijing Green Guardee Together With Its Production Base Hebei Huaqing Optoelectronics Material Co.,LTD, Booth No. W4G02, Welcome!

From June 18 to 20, CPHI 2019 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, […]

DSCC: Samsung Received Around $950 Million From Apple Due To Lower OLED Panel Orders

DSCC estimates that Apple paid around $950 million to Samsung Display in the last quarter – due to lower smartphone OLED orders. Apple is committed to […]

(Triphenylen-2-yl)boronic Acid Pinacol Ester 890042-13-4

Recently (Triphenylen-2-yl)boronic acid pinacol ester is very popular in OLED intermediates market, we have received many inquiry from customer, domestic and foreign;  (Triphenylen-2-yl)boronic acid pinacol ester also have […]

The Hot Product Fluoranthene-3-Carbaldehyde 28440-63-3

Recently there are many customer who are looking for products of fluoranthene series, and BGG is specializing in fluoranthene series products, for example 3-Bromofluoranthene(cas: 13438-50-1); Fluoranthene-3-boronic acid(cas:359012-63-8); 2-(fluoranthen-3-yl)-4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolane(cas: 863878-53-9);  Fluoranthene-3-Carbaldehyde(cas: […]

The Hot Product 9-[1,1′-Biphenyl]-3-Yl-3-Bromo-9H-Carbazole 1428551-28-3

Recently there are many customer who looking for 9-[1,1′-Biphenyl]-3-Yl-3-Bromo-9H-Carbazole 1428551-28-3. And 9-[1,1′-Biphenyl]-3-Yl-3-Bromo-9H-Carbazole 1428551-28-3 is one of our competitive products.  For this oled material, our capacity can reach 50kg/moth with […]

The Synthetic Process of 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2

Recently for 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2, there are many inquries from OLED matierial’ market,this is one of our our  competitive product.   For synthetic process of 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2, Usually […]

The Hot Product 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6

This article will introduce one of hot product recently 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6, which is also our  competitive product 2-Bromotriphenylene 19111-87-6.  For 2-Bromotriphenylene, at our first production, the purity we […]

The Competitive Product Of 9-Phenyl-9H,9’H-[3,3′]Bicarbazole 1060735-14-9

This article will introduce one of our competitive product,9-Phenyl-9H,9’H-[3,3′]Bicarbazole 1060735-14-9.  Now many customer send us the inquiry about the products, including domestic oled materials’ factory and […]

GG Enlarge Scales For OLED Materials’ Production

 From the recent news in OLED lines, Iphone cooperation with Samsung or LG, OLEDworks new OLED lighting releasing, Tianma flexible and foldable AMOLED demonstrating, etc. OLED display […]

Sumitomo Chemicals Invests $168 Million Into Pyeongtaek

Japan’s Sumitomo Chemicals is investing 20 billion Yen (about 200 billion KRW) into Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi-do to expand number of production of touch-panels for OLED (organic […]

Samsung Display And LG Display To Increase Plant And Equipment Investment Up To 30% In 2016

Samsung Display and LG Display are going to increase plant and equipment investment up to 30% in 2016 compared to 2015. Based on OLED (Organic Light-Emitting […]

GG 2017 Annual Meeting Show & Performance On 20180210

 GG hold 2017 annual meeting at JingZhiHu Resort, Changping district,Beijing on 10th, February 2018. There were various wonderful shows, here are some photos and video.  The first […]

GG Hold 2017 Annual Meeting On 20180210 in Beijing

GG hold 2017 annual meeting at JingZhiHu Resort, Changping district,Beijing on 10th, February 2018.  Every year we will hold the annual meeting at the begin of […]

GG Applied A Badminton Gym Card For Every Staff On 19th, March, 2018

 GG applied a Badminton gym card for every staff in Changping Gymnasium on 19th March, 2018, in order to make everyone can relax after job, unity […]

GG Party For Celebrating GG OLED Materials’ Sale And Encouraging Everybody

20171118, GG hold a party by making dumplings by ourselves in order to celebrate GG OLED materials’ sale, encourage everybody and cultivate a sense of unity.    During […]