Classification of amines

physicochemical Properties of Amines

Classification of amines

According to the number of hydrogen substituted, it is divided into primary amine (amine) RNH2, secondary amine (secondary amine) R2NH, Tertiary amine (tertiary amine) r3n, grade four ammonium salt (quaternary ammonium salt) r4n+x-, such as Methylamine CH3NH2, aniline C6H5NH2, ethyl two amine h2nch2ch2nh2, diisopropyl amine [(CH3) 2ch]2nh, Triethanolamine (HOCH2CH2) 3N, brominated tetrabutylammonium ( CH3CH2CH2CH2) 4n+br-. A four-hydroxy substitute for amine hydroxide or ammonium salts, called quaternary amine (quaternary ammonium hydroxide) or quaternary ammonium salt (quaternary ammonium salt). Ammonium $literal R4noh quaternary ammonium r4nx quaternary ammonium salt

Amines can be divided into aliphatic amines and aromatic amines, depending on the type of hydroxyl that is linked to the nitrogen atom in the amine molecule. If the amine molecule contains two or more amino (-), then according to the ammonia base, it can be divided into two amine, ternary amine.

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