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Will Samsung Construct An OLED TV Fab At Its A5 Production Site?
Mar 23, 2018

Samsung's OLED fabs are currently under using - with some analysts estimating that its flexible OLED fabs are working at about 50% capacity following lower-than-expected orders from Apple. SDC also decided to delay its upcoming A5 production fab.


This is a lot of wasted capacity. Last month I speculated that SDC may target new applications for its OLEDs - including monitors and laptops - or perhaps transparent OLEDs as well. According to a new report from Korea, SDC may be aiming to start constructing an A5 line - but use it to produce large-area OLED TV panels. According to a financial analyst, Samsung recentl a new OLED TV team with 300 R&D employees.

According to an ETNews report from February, SDC's OLED TVs will be combine OLED emitters with quantum-dot photo-luminescence materials. The basic idea is to use blue OLED emitters and then convert the blue light to white light using quantum-dots combined with color filters (QDCFs) to add red and green colors.

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