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Visionox‘s Gen 6 AMOLED Line Is Starting Production
Jan 24, 2018

On 20180115,Visionox's Gen 6 AMOLED factory's equipment is prepared well and announced that the Gen 6 production line will start production very soon.

In June 2015, Visionox began the AMOLD panels' mass production at Gen-5.5 AMOLED line in Kunshan. For the Gen-6 production in GuAn, Hebei province, Visionox invested about $4.5 billon on it with expected monthly Gen-5.5 AMOLED line in Kunshan. As previous prediction, the Gen-6 will begin the prodution in Mid-2018.

From Visionox's current strategy in AMOLED, we can see our China AMOLED diaplay is growing rapidly. It will bring the demands increase of OLED materials.

GG has developed hundreds of high performance and high quality OLED materials & intermediates, and the production level of high-performance organic light emitting materials reaches the leading position in the domestic. OLED Materials are widely used in the following industry, such as OLED display, OLED lighting.

Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

1-Bromodibenzo[B,D]Furan 50548-45-3 | OLED Material

2-Bromodibenzo[B,D]Furan 86-76-0 | Green Guardee - OLED Material

3-Bromodibenzo[B,D]Furan 26608-06-0 | OLED Material

4-Bromodibenzofuran 89827-45-2 | OLED Material

4-Bromo-1-Iododibenzo[B,D]Furan 2096506-51-1| OLED Material

Dibenzofuran-2-Ylboronic Acid 402936-15-6 | OLED Material

Dibenzo[B,D]FuraN-3-Ylboronic Acid 395087-89-5 | OLED Material

Dibenzofuran-4-Boronic Acid 100124-06-9 | OLED Material