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Transparent AMOLEDs
Mar 27, 2018

Several companies are developing large transparent AMOLED displays - and in past years we've seen many prototypes - including a large 55" Full-HD transparent TV. But this technology is not commercial yet, mostly it seems because there are no useful applications that will convince this display makers to mass produce such panels.


Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

4-Bromodibenzothiophene 97511-05-2 | OLED Material

Dibenzothiophene-4-Boronic Acid 108847-20-7 | OLED Material

Dibenzothiophene-2-Boronic Acid 668983-97-9 | OLED Material

B-[3-(4-Dibenzothienyl)Phenyl]Boronic Acid 1307859-67-1 | OLED Material

2,8-Dibromodibenzothiophene 31574-87-5| OLED Material

Dibenzothiophene-4-Carboxaldehyde 23985-81-1 | OLED Material

Dibenzothiophene-2-Carboxaldehyde 22099-23-6 | OLED Material