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Tianma Diaplays Its Flexible And Foldable AMOLEDs At MWC 2018
Mar 08, 2018

 About three weeks ago,at NMC 2018, Tianma displayed the flexible and foldable AMOLED displays.

 In the booth, Tianma shows its strategic layout in OLED display production and OLED diaplay design.

 5.5" FHD flexible AMOLED (on a Polyimide substrate) is showed on its booth,it has made a great success in OLED diaplay production.

 It also displayed a Vedio, and you can see the Tianma's foldable display demo from it.Tianma's representative says that it will still need at least 3 years that the phones with Tianma's foldable displays enter the market.

 Now the OLED materials' company is enlarging the scale, for example, our GG. our new factory is building in Handan, Hebei province. The production base covers more than 33,350 square meters, would be started mass-production in second half of 2018. It will attain annual production of 50 tons of OLED electronic materials.


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