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The OLED Lighting Market
Mar 29, 2018

There are several companies that produce OLED panels, but most of these panels should be considered as "samples" as production volume is low. The leading OLED producers at this stage are LG Display, OLEDWorks/Philips and Konica Minolta. LG is offering the widest range of panels, including flexible panels and the largest OLED in production (at about 320 x320 mm).


Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

9,10-Dibromoanthracene 523-27-3| OLED Material

9,10-Bis(2-Naphthyl)Anthracene-2-Ylboronic Acid 867044-28-8| OLED Material

2-Bromo-9,10-Bis(2-Naphthalenyl)Anthracene 474688-76-1| OLED Material

9,10-Di(2-Naphthyl)Anthracene 122648-99-1 | OLED Material

9-Bromoanthracene 1564-64-3 | OLED Material

9-Anthraceneboronic Acid 100622-34-2 | OLED Material

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