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The Hot Product Fluoranthene-3-Carbaldehyde 28440-63-3
Jan 08, 2019

 Recently there are many customer who are looking for products of fluoranthene series, and BGG is specializing in fluoranthene series products, for example 3-Bromofluoranthene(cas: 13438-50-1); Fluoranthene-3-boronic acid(cas:359012-63-8); 2-(fluoranthen-3-yl)-4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolane(cas: 863878-53-9);  Fluoranthene-3-Carbaldehyde(cas: 28440-63-3), etc.

 For fluoranthene products, we have the absolute advantage to produce it, and our technology is mature, we can ensure the goods' quality and stable supply.

 Product Name: Fluoranthene-3-Carbaldehyde

 CAS:  28440-63-3

 Capacity: 100kg/month.

 Synonyms: 3-Fluoranthenecarboxaldehyde

 Appearance: off white powder

 Purity: 99%

 Application: OLED Materials

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