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The Synthetic Process of 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2
May 18, 2018

  Recently for 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2, there are many inquries from OLED matierial' market,this is one of our our  competitive product.

  For synthetic process of 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2, Usually using 9-bromophenanthrene as raw material, and to synthesise 9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid (cas:68572-87-2) by Grignard reagent method. By R&D of the main reaction conditions on the yield of synthesis reactions, such as nucleophilic substitution temperature, ratio of reactants and reaction time;  characterized and analyzed on the structure and purity by HPLC, FTIR and 1H NMR, finally we got the best reaction condition.

The results showed that the optimum conditions for the synthesis of 9-phenanthreneboronic acid were as follows: the nucleophilic substitution temperature was -40°C and the molar ratio of the reactants was n(Mg):n(C14H9Br):n(B(OCH3)3)= 1.1:1: ratio of 1.5,9-bromophenanthrene mass (g) to solvent tetrahydrofuran (THF) volume (mL) 1:7.5, nucleophilic reaction time 3 h. The yield of 9-phenanthrene borate is up to 71.24% and the purity can reach 99%.

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