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Sumitomo Will Exhibit OLED Lighting Fixtures At L+B 2018
Mar 08, 2018

 It is said that Sumitomo Chemical will exhibit new OLED lighting fixtures at Light+Building 2018. This is the fourth time that Sumitomo shows its OLEDs at this leading lighting bi-annual trade fair. Light + Building is a bi-annual event that is said to be the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technologies.

 Sumitomo will present the OLED chandelier, and nee-designed OLED fixtures, for example the Crescent Moon and Ring EL, designed by Takayuki Nishizuka (Sou Design) and manufactured by Kishima.


 Sumitomo has been developing its P-OLED materials and lighting panels for many years, and it seems that the company is finally able to start commercializing its technologies. Sumitomo is providing emitter materials for JOLED and is hopefully gearing up to start mass production of its own OLED lighting panels.

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