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Special Clearance Sale Of Samsung's 7.67 1280x800 AMOLED Displays
Mar 13, 2018

One of display suppliers we're in touch with has just received 750 pcs of Samsung's 7.67" 1280x800 Super AMOLED Plus displays (circa 2014). These displays were adopted by Samsung and other device makers mostly in tablets (the first one was in the 2011 Galaxy Tab 7.7).


The supplier is offering these displays at a very low price (almost half of their regular price), if anyone is interested in these panels, please contact us here!

Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

10-Phenylanthracene-9-Boronic Acid 334658-75-2 | OLED Material

10-(4-Biphenyl)Anthracene-9-Yl Boronic Acid 400607-47-8 | OLED Material

9-(4-BroMophenyl)-10-(NaphthaleN-1-Yl)Anthracene 1160506-32-0 | OLED Material

9-(4-BroMophenyl)-10-(NaphthaleN-2-Yl)Anthracene 936854-62-5 | OLED Material

9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2 | OLED Material

10-(2-Naphthyl)Anthracene-9-Boronic Acid 597554-03-5 | OLED Material

9-(1-Naphthyl)Anthracene-10-Boronic Acid 400607-46-7 | OLED Material

9-Bromo-10-(Phenanthrene-10-Yl)Anthracene 845457-53-6 | OLED Material

9-(3,5-Diphenylphenyl)-10-Bromoanthracene 474688-74-9 | OLED Material