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SONY Unveiled OLED TV A8F At CES 2018: Thinner Than The Phone XZ1.
Jan 10, 2018

On January 9, 2018, the CES2018 exhibition, SONY, as the leader of the high-end TV industry, it brought a brand-new OLED TV A8F series.

SONY A1, launched last year, is a successful television, as SONY OLED screen + exclusive image processing technology, realized the best image quality performance, at the same time, combining with the innovation screen sound field (screen voice) technology, the television achieved the realm of "great unity", It has also been popular with consumers since it went public.

In 2018, SONY in order to meet the needs of more customers, to further expand matrix OLED products, launched a new A8F OLED TV series - carrying exclusive to SONY 4 k HDR image processing chip X1 premium and the technology of screen sound field. And can fully display the advantages of OLED display, which brings beyond the deep black, realistic color and wide Angle of view to enhance the user's visual experience.

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9-(4-Bromophenyl)-10-Phenylanthracene 625854-02-6 | OLED Material

9-(2-Biphenylyl)-10-Bromoanthracene 400607-16-1 | OLED Material

9-(3-Bromophenyl)-10-Phenylanthracene 1023674-80-7 | OLED Material

10-Phenylanthracene-9-Boronic Acid 334658-75-2 | OLED Material

10-(4-Biphenyl)Anthracene-9-Yl Boronic Acid 400607-47-8 | OLED Material

9-Phenanthrene Boronic Acid 68572-87-2 | OLED Material

10-(2-Naphthyl)Anthracene-9-Boronic Acid 597554-03-5 | OLED Material

9-Bromo-10-(Phenanthrene-10-Yl)Anthracene 845457-53-6 | OLED Material

9-(3,5-Diphenylphenyl)-10-Bromoanthracene 474688-74-9 | OLED Material

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