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Samsung Galaxy S9 Phones Reach 43 Million Sales Volume In 2018
Mar 14, 2018

  It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-orders are 30% lower than that of Galaxy S8 at previous, but today, Kores Herald days that Samsung believe that it will sell 43 million GS9 (and GS9 plus) phones in 2018.

  In 2017, GS8 and GS8 plus phones reached 41 million.

  In 2016, GS7 phones reached 48 million. (GS9 phones's target still lag behind The GS7)

  The GS9 has a flexible 5.8" 1440x2960 (570 PPI) AMOLED diaplay.

  The GS9 has a Super AMOLED display (6.2", 529 PPI).

  DisplayMate says that this display is the best mobile display ever tested, surprassing in quality the 5.8" flexible AMOLED used in the iPhone X.


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