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Samsung Galaxy S9 Listing Presentation Held In Guangzhou China
Mar 08, 2018

 In 2018 March 6th,Samsung electronic made its new products listing presentation in Guangzhou, China.

It showed the Galaxy S9 special characters, including the 5.77'' AMOLED display, revolutionary Camera, and high-performance CPU, etc.

 China Actor JING Boran and Zhu Yawen also attended this listing presentation as the Sansung S9 China market spokesmen, and they are the idols of Chinese Young People, and they have a good reputation and performance in China. Samsung also believe they can bring the good sales with their high popularity.

 So what is the strategy of the Galaxy series this year? Some say that iPhoneX’s sales volume is a failure, but if you consider adding iPhoneX to the 3-model lineup in the new 2-model lineup, Apple’s overall performance is a success. 


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