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OLEDWorks Uses BASF Barrier As A Planarization Layer In Its New Brite 3 OLED Lighting Panels
Mar 21, 2018

A few days ago, OLEDWorks announces its new OLED lighting series, Brite 3 OLEDs, which include OLEDWorks' first flexible OLED lighting panels, branded as BendOLEDs.


BASF's Coatings division announced that OLEDWorks uses the company's flexible barrier solutions in its Bright 3 family of OLED panels (both flexible and rigid). OLEDWorks uses BASF materials as planarization layer to enable highly reliable thin-film encapsulation.

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3-Bromophenanthrene 715-50-4 | OLED Material

2-(4-Bromo-Phenyl)-1,10-Phenanthroline 149054-39-7 | OLED Material

3-Bromofluoranthene 13438-50-1| OLED Material

3-Aminofluoranthene 2693-46-1 | OLED Material

Fluoranthene-3-Boronic Acid 359012-63-8 | OLED Material