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Will LGD be the supplier of Apple's 6.5 OLEDs in 2018?
Mar 18, 2018

 Lowering iPhone X orders, Samsung faced reduction of OLED diaplay orders from Iphone X and need to find the new customers. In addition, Samsung have a pressure from the increased competition from Chinese OLED panel makers. As we all know, China OLED panel suppliers are enlarging their capacity to reduce the gap between the outside OLED panel's makers, especially the Korea suppliers.

 Some reports have indicated that Apple will release the the 6.5" OLED iphone made by LGD.All these will make Samsung face the biggest trouble. But there are also some news said Aplle will pull up the Iphone X sales in 2018, maybe this is the only good news from Samsung now.


 Interestingly,the 6.5" OLED iPhone will be less expensive than the iPhone X. If it is real, it will bring the sales' increase for apple's fan with lower price pressure.

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