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Merck And OLEDWorks Launch Textile-based OLED+OPV Installation
Mar 24, 2018

 In September 2017,at the first Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism,Merck, OLEDWorks,OPVIUS and Kolon released a new textile-based "façade" ideal, which is combined OLED lighting+OPV installation.

 During the Light + Building 2018,Merck brought this kind concept to Frankfurt.


 We can also see the growth of OLED lighting, all the increased demands for OLED will promote the demands of OLED materials.

 GG has developed hundreds of high performance and high quality OLED materials & intermediates, and the production level of high-performance organic light emitting materials reaches the leading position in the domestic.

 Our products are welcomed by domestic and oversea enterprises and established long-term stable strategy cooperative relations with a lot of clients at home and abroad.


 Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

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1,6-Dibromopyrene 27973-29-1 | OLED Material

1,6-Diisopropyl-3,8-Dibromopyrene 869340-02-3 |OLED Material