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Mark Your Calendars - What Are The OLED Conferences To Attend In 2018?
Mar 01, 2018

Conferences are a great place to learn about new developments in the OLED industry and meet with fellow display professionals. There are many excellent OLED events coming up in 2018 in the USA, Europe and in Asia.

The following article will detail the most prominent OLED events. If you plan on attending other events (or if you are organizing an OLED event unlisted in our event directory) be sure to comment below.

SID DisplayWeek (May 20-25, Los Angeles, USA), Welcome!

The Society for Information Displays (SID) holds its annual DisplayWeek in May, and if you can only make it to one OLED conference, DisplayWeek is a top choice. The week-long activities include symposiums, seminars, courses and a 4 day exhibition. DisplayWeek 2018 is a great way to check out many OLED demonstrations and new display innovations.

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