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Lumiotec To Stop Producing OLED Lighting Panels Next Month To Focus On Performance Enhancements And Plan Its Future Business
Feb 24, 2018

Lumiotec announced that on March 31st it will stop producing its OLED lighting panel, to "plan the further performance enhancement of the product" and to plan its future business. Lumiotec will continue to offer its panels (series P06, P09, P11 and P13 panels and so on) while stocks last.


Last month Japan's V-Technology announced it will acquire Lumiotec, which is likely what is behind Lumiotec's decision.

Lumiotec started to produce commercial OLED lighting panels in 2011 but the company never achieved true mass production capabilities. The company's current production capacity is about 60,000 panels per year. Here's some more information on Lumitec's technology, from 2012.

Lumiotec's latest panel range, the P13 featured high brightness (4,600 cd/m2, total 230 lumens for 145 x 145 mm), 30 lm/W efficacy, a color temperature of 5,400K and a CRI of Ra90. The lifetime was 30,000 hours (LT70 at 3,000 cd/m2). The P13 series included four panels (97.6x97.6 mm, 145x145 mm, 287x74 mm and 44.7x46.7 mm). Lumiotec also offered the P9 series which feature a higher efficiency (45 lm/W).

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