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JOLED Major Target Is Medium Size OLED Market
Mar 16, 2018

 At 4th OLED Korea conference on March 7th in Seoul, Korea, JOLED's chief technologist-Toshiaki Arai made a presentation about the processed OLED's solution.

 Toshiaki Arai said the medium-size OLED market for 10 ~ 30 inch tablets is their major target in the future.He also pointed out that for today's printing technology, it is hard to reach over 500 ppi and at least 800 ppi for the OLED mobile devices, but it is competitive for the medium-size OLED, because their ppi demand is 300.

 He also said, Both Gen 8.5 and Gen 11 without cutting the mother glass, We will see the use of JOLED’s oxide TFT and solution process OLED.


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