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Johua Printing Developed An Ink-jet Printed 31 4K OLED Panel
Mar 12, 2018

TCL announced that Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology developed a 31" 4K OLED display. According to the report from Korea, Juhua Printing is using 6-Gen substrate which is cut in half for the organic layer ink-jet deposition which is done at 4.5-Gen.

TCL hopes to realize the inkjet mass-production technology development by 2019, on 11-gen substrate.

Johua Printing was established in 2016 by TCL's CSoT and TianMa) as an "open-innovation platform" to develop ink-jet printing of OLED panels. Other collaborators in this platform include CEC-Panda and TADF developer Cynora.

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