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Google And LGD Developed A 1443 PPI 4.3 120Hz VR AMOLED Display
Mar 14, 2018

 In May 2017,Google said it has cooperated with "One of the leading OLED makers" to design a high-end VR display. Now Google is planed to present this display in May at SID 2018.

 The new Google-designed 1443 PPI 4.3" 120Hz VR AMOLED display with refresh rate of 120Hz is regarded as the the highest-density VR OLED ever-not including OLED microdisplay.

 Who is the partner of Google 443 PPI 4.3" 120Hz VR AMOLED display? Samsung of LG display?

  But it turns out that Google's partner is actually LG Display, who will be presenting this display technology alongside Google.

  Google has already used LGD's displays in its Pixel 2 XL smartphone, and in 2017 it was reported that Google wants to invest $872 million in LG Display. In March 2017 LG Electronics announced that it is developing a new VR headset that uses dual 3.64" 1440x1280 (529 PPI) 90Hz OLED displays with much lower densities than what Google is demonstrating now. 

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