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GG Hold 2017 Annual Meeting On 20180210 in Beijing
Feb 10, 2018

 GG hold 2017 annual meeting at JingZhiHu Resort, Changping district,Beijing on 10th, February 2018.

 Every year we will hold the annual meeting at the begin of Chinese New Year, in the meeting, our colleague will prepare some programs to celebrate our GG annual sales, the begin of Chinese New Year,and bring best wishes to everyboday; GG leader's representative will introduce our this year's progress and shortcoming, the next year's target and plan, and encourage everybody.

  Mr Jia said the following four points:

  First,Our sales rise about 15% this year, and current OLED marketing environment, especially the Japan OLED Market.

  Second, our R&D projects brief introduction about 2017 and 2018.

  Third, Our goal of system construction in 2018, in order to make our company more powerful.

  Fourth, Our 2018 strategic development, including the new factory construction,the introduction and senior management personnel,2018 sales traget, etc.

  Here is some photos our annual meeting and activities.



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