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GG 2017 Annual Meeting Show & Performance On 20180210
Feb 11, 2018

 GG hold 2017 annual meeting at JingZhiHu Resort, Changping district,Beijing on 10th, February 2018.

There were various wonderful shows, here are some photos and video.

 The first show is the poetry reading, a significant poetry, in which we can see our GG every staff's characteristics, our GG's atmosphere of unity, cohesive force in enterprise, and potential prospect in future development.


 The second show is an opusculum made by Li Xiao and Wangshuai, who is the manager of sublimation department. The opusculum is humorous and interesting,it include the new OLED Materials market story and Chinese football's future, etc.


The Three show is also an opusculum made by our OLED Intermediates' R&D team and QC colleague.It said a story that the princess wanted to eat the fried shredded pancake,the soldiers tried their best to bring the raw materials to her through enemy's defense line. The opusulum showed the persistent spirit and interesting details.

 The fourth show is the chorus of OLED Materials' sales department and finance department, the song is "The rainbow after the rain days", the choose of song is significative and encouraging, sincerely hope our GG can have a good future in the OLED Materials' line.

 The fifth show is the gesture language dancing of "thankful heart", which was hold by all our female staff. The spirit is also our GG's cuture, we should own an grateful heart.


 At last, let's celebrate the complete success of our GG 2017 annual meeting, and congratulate beforehand of the future OLED Materials' sales.

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2-Bromo-9,9'-Spirobifluorene 171408-76-7 |OLED Material

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3-Bromo-9,9'-Spirobifluorene 1361227-58-8 | OLED Material

4-Bromo-9,9'-Spirobifluorene 1161009-88-6 | OLED Material

4-Bromo-9,9-Diphenyl-9H-Fluorene 713125-22-5 | OLED Material

9,9-Diphenyl-9H-FluoreN-4-Ylboronicacid 1224976-40-2 | OLED Material

9-(3-Bromophenyl)-9-Phenyl-9H-Fluorene 1257251-75-4 |OLED Material