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DSCC Sees OLED Fab Delays And Line Cancellations Ahead
Mar 08, 2018

Market analysts from DSCC state that the low utilization rates at Samsung Display has caused the company to delay its capacity expansion plans. SDC's decision to delay its A5 fab has already been discussed, but DSCC now says that Samsung is also significantly delaying the ramp-up at its new A4 line. DSCC estimates that SDC will delay this new line by at least one year.


LG Display has also reportedly cancelled the first phase of their next flexible OLED line, the P7 (which can be a conversion of LGD's old P7 LCD line). DSCC sees LGD ordering equipments for a new flexible OLED line only at the beginning of 2019.

DSCC says that the OLED oversupply situation may cause the Chinese government to delay and reduce its subsidies to local OLED makers. DSCC sees Tianma, Everdisplay and CSoT all delaying their current flexible OLED lines. BOE's OLED plans, however, are still on track as planned.

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