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DSCC Sees Flexible Smartphone OLEDs Overtaking Rigid Ones For The First Time In Q4 2017
Mar 08, 2018

DSCC estimates that 88 Million smartphone OLED displays were transported in Q3 2017, which represents 4% drop from Q2 2017 and 13% drop from Q3 2016 - mostly due to delays in iPhone X shipments. Flexible OLED delivery was up 25% from Q2 2017 (30.4 million units).


Shipments are expected to grow significantly in Q4 2017, though, to reach 151 million units. Flexible OLEDs shipments (78.3 million) will grow 157% from last quarter and 544% from last year, and will surpass rigid OLED shipments (73.3 million) for the first time.

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10-(4-Biphenyl)Anthracene-9-Yl Boronic Acid 400607-47-8 | OLED Material

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