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DSCC: OLED Revenues Reached Over $5 Billion In Q3 2017, Will Reach $10 Billion In Q4
Feb 28, 2018

Display analysis firm DSCC released a new market report on the OLED market, in which they have some very interesting estimates on the OLED market. OLED revenues reached over $5 billion for the first time in Q3 2017, and DSCC sees a huge 88% jump in the final quarter of 2017 (to $10 billion) as Samsung starts to supply flexible OLEDs to Apple.


Flexible OLED revenues are the main driver of the growth in OLED smartphone shipments, with revenues rising 37% in Q3 2017 and are expected to grow 140% (Q/Q) in Q4 2017. Flexible OLED unit share out of the entire OLED smartphone market reached 33% in Q3 and will reach 49% in Q4. In terms of revenues, the market share will grow from 66% in Q3 to 80% in Q4.

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