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Cynora Announces Its Latest Blue TADF OLED Emitter Performance
Mar 22, 2018

Germany-based blue-TADF OLED emitter developer Cynora announced that it achieved a new performance record with its latest blue emitter material - which the company believes is the best overall performance of a high-efficiency blue emitter ever.


Cynora's new blue achieves a 15% EQE at 1000 cd/m² with an emission peak at < 470 nm and a LT97 of > 90 hours (at 700 cd/m²) on a device level. Cynora says that it is very confident that it can commercialize its first highly efficient blue emitter by 2018, as planned.

Cynora says that it is now focusing on moving the emission peak slightly towards 460 nm. The company also said that it is planning to follow up on the blue emitter with a green emitter by 2018 and a red emitter by 2019. Last month we posted an interview with Cynora's CMO who explains the company's technology and business in detail.

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