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Apple Will Launch Two OLED Panels This Year, The IPhone X Plus With A 6.5-inch Screen.
Jan 15, 2018

According to supply chain sources, Foxconn's Sharp and Japanese Display panel producer Japan Display (JDI) are all preparing to compete with apple's OLED Display panel orders.With the previous LG, at least three manufacturers are now ready to challenge samsung's monopoly on OLED panels.


As is known to all that OLED display suppliers are very scarce. Among current suppliers, only samsung can meet apple's requirements. But it has been reported that another south Korean tech giant, LG, will become apple's second supplier of OLED panels.  The supply is around 15 million, and the screen size is mainly about 6.5 inches.

However, Apple is expected to introduce two different sizes of OLED devices this year, other panel makers are also expected to receive orders from apple.There are also reports that Sharp is building a production line for OLED panels and is expected to start production in the second quarter of this year.


If apple introduced the iPhone X Plus this year, the price of the phone would be above 10,000 RMB with no surprise.

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