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AGC Released An Ultra-thin Flexible Cover Glass Suitable For Foldable Devices
Mar 14, 2018

  The Ultra-thin 0.07 mm flexible glass is developped by Asahi glass, which can bend over 1200 MPa stress.The new flexible glass can be used as the cover glass for foldable devices with 2.5 mm curvature radius, or maybe lower.

 AGC will demonstrare the new glass at SID Displayweek 2018 in May.And to create this materials, AGC

found a new process which can achieve around 80% higher impact-failure resistance comparing with the traditional glass.

 Samsung is decided to ship the first foldable phone in 2018 November.

 All these growth in OLED display will lead to the growth of the OLED Materials and OLED intermediates, and our GG is prepared well for this chance.

  Here is our GG second factory:


 Green Guardee specialize in R&D, MP of OLED materials,  Our advantage products including the similar related compounds.

9-Bromoanthracene 1564-64-3 | OLED Material

9-Anthraceneboronic Acid 100622-34-2 | OLED Material

9-Bromo-10-(NaphthaleN-1-Yl)Anthracene 400607-04-7 | OLED Material

9-Bromo-10-(2-Naphthyl)Anthracene 474688-73-8 | OLED Material

9-[1,1'-Biphenyl]-4-Yl-10-Bromo-Anthracene 400607-05-8 | OLED Material

9-(4-Bromophenyl)-10-Phenylanthracene 625854-02-6 | OLED Material

9-(2-Biphenylyl)-10-Bromoanthracene 400607-16-1 | OLED Material

9-(3-Bromophenyl)-10-Phenylanthracene 1023674-80-7 | OLED Material